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The Hidden Secret To Keeping Your Home Insurance Policy Valid

Close-up Photo Of Flooded Floor In Kitchen From Water Leak

Do You Know That a simple task of replacing an old tap for a new one, could void your warranty and potentially void your home insurance policy in the event of major water damage?

And we’re guessing that if you have ever stepped into a big box retailer to buy a new tap that no information has been provided to you at the point of sale or by the person installing the new tap…..

Now imagine that new tap blowing off and causing major water damage inside your home.

Your first instinct may be to ask if your insurance policy will cover all that damage.  The floors, the skirting boards, the carpet, the walls, the swollen cabinetry, the furniture damaged by water…the list goes on.

We have attended to thousands of service calls to replace kitchen taps over the last 15 years and one of the most important bits of information we provide our customers with is the fact that the manufacturer’s warranty for that tap will be voided if the water pressure is above 500kPa and no valve is present on the meter to maintain the water pressure limit.

According to the Victorian Building Authority “Common Audit Failure: report published on 5th October 2017 the 2nd highest failure from practitioners was to to demonstrate the static pressure to any outlet other than a fire hose outlet, within a building does not exceed 500kPa.

“But I’m not so concerned because the tap only cost me $x from the big box supplier and Ill just replace it again if it fails…”

This is a common comment we have heard often.

This is where it gets juicy….

If your water pressure is tested and it is above 500kPa and you DO NOT have a pressure limiting valve installed – not only will the manufacturer void the warranty on the tap – YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY MAY CHOOSE TO NOT COVER THE DAMAGE.

That’s right….so that relatively cheap tap or decision not to invest in the valve to protect your home, could potentially cost you more than you had bargained for…not to mention the stress, inconvenience and headache that comes with it.

That is why our service experts ALWAYS test your water pressure to ensure it meets the VBA requirements and to educate you about the importance of protecting water fixtures….for your safety and peace of mind.


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