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Blocked drains are common in Melbourne, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a big deal. You could be up to your ankles in water during your morning shower or wading through your bathroom floor with an overflowing toilet – whatever the incident, blocked drains are a pain.

More often than not, blocked drains require help from a professional. At Service Experts, we are blocked drain specialists who offer reliable and affordable repairs whenever you need them. Call us today to hire a blocked drains plumber in Melbourne.


Are You Looking for a Local Blocked Drain Plumber in Melbourne?

If you’re experiencing issues with a blocked drain, you should contact us immediately. Your sink doesn’t have to be overflowing for you to get in touch, as even small blockages can quickly turn into plumbing emergencies overnight. If you suspect your drain is starting to clog or your toilet water is sinking too slowly after you flush, give our friendly team a call.

We can provide same-day service to any property in Melbourne. We also offer a lifetime labour guarantee and transparent pricing, which means you’ll always know the exact blocked drain cost upfront. Service Experts has been trusted by thousands of locals since 2002.

Warning Signs of a Blocked Drain in Melbourne

You don’t have to wait until your toilet is overflowing to seek help for blocked drains. The following warning signs can help you identify a potential blockage before it becomes an emergency:

  • Slow Drainage: If your sink or shower takes ages to drain, it’s a sure sign that your drain is clogged. Pay attention to drainage levels while you’re doing the dishes or taking an evening bath.
  • Foul Smells: Rancid smells emerging from your drain may indicate a build-up of something inside your drains
  • Gurgling Sounds: Sometimes, drains emit a gurgling sound as the water passes through a blockage inside. Gurgling isn’t always a sign of a clog, but it’s definitely not something to ignore.

If you find any of these signs around the drains in your home, it might be time to seek professional blocked drain repair from Service Experts.

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Liane Schaefer
Helpful polite friendly professional
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Adam Downes
Excellent work, even with some challenging internal elements of the apartment finished result was superb.
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Luke Kealy
Excellent service - fast and efficient and explained everything in detail. Highly recommend
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Elizabeth Allen
Polite, punctual, efficient and helpful. Dan and team were a pleasure to deal with throughout.
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Great people to help us with our emergency plumbing issues. Josh was very pleasant and professional.
Joanne Atkinson
Joanne Atkinson
Fantastic plumbing experience. They fitted me in urgently - I knew everyrhing that was going on and costs were clearly discussed upfront. Issues were fixed efficiently. Really lovely staff. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or recommend them.
Jamie Richardson
Jamie Richardson
Needed some work due to a cracked copper pipe under house & a related water pressure issue in the shower. Josh turned up within 60-90 mins after the call as they said he would (& Mick soon after) they answered all my questions related to the fix as well as some other general queries which was super helpful. Josh walked me through the issue why it happened & the solve. The job was done efficiently as well as cleaning up afterwards. I was pleased with the final price considering the job & the timing. & to top it off they both genuinely nice guys, really pleased & can recommend. Big thumbs up 👍🏼
Nikki Walton
Nikki Walton
Service experts removed our faulty oven and installed a new one. They were always on time, courteous, wore boot covers and tidied up after their work. We are very satisfied with their service. Would highly recommend.
Mr George Dzolis Snr
Mr George Dzolis Snr
Paul was great. Precision to a tee. Great service and came on time. Well done team. Highly recommended to all. Cheers
Cannot recommend enough. Had an emergency issue (now showers and toilets and they shifted the first morning appointment to come fix for us, and did everything they could in a timely manner with a well explained report. Darryl was helpful and professional. Would recommend.

Common Causes of Melbourne's Blocked Drains

Warning Signs of a Blocked Drain

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing woes in Australia. Our team receives calls for Melbourne blocked drains almost every day, largely because there are so many things that can cause a drain to become blocked.

While we do see some surprising things occasionally, most blockages are caused by a few common culprits. Oil, hair, and foreign objects are the most likely offenders, but there are all sorts of things that can block your drain, including:

Grease, food, and soap all go down the drain as part of your natural cooking and cleaning routine. You can take steps to prevent this as much as possible, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Other times, tree roots may naturally grow through your pipes and will need to be removed.

Don’t buy into these “flushable” toilet products, either. Wet wipes and similar products can cause significant damage to piping and sewage systems, and you should avoid using them wherever possible. If you are going to use them, dispose of them in the bin rather than the toilet, as these are common causes of drain blockages.

How to Prevent Blocked Drains

The best way to prevent blocked drains is to take proper care of them, use the right products, and avoid putting anything down them that you shouldn’t. Keep food like fibrous vegetables, meat bones, pasta, and rice away from your drain and never empty grease, oil, or fat down the plughole. Use your garbage disposal and food waste bin regularly, and put mesh covers on your sink and shower drains to trap hair, food, and other debris.

To avoid toilet clogs, be careful about what you flush. Only waste and toilet paper should ever be flushed down the bowl. Feminine hygiene products and personal wipes ー even those marketed as “flushable” ー should always go in the trash can. The same goes for cotton balls, paper towels, earbuds, etc.

Drain Clearing Melbourne Plumber

Call Us Today to Get Your Drains Unblocked Quickly

Sometimes, clogs still occur despite your best intentions. When you have a blocked drain in Melbourne, we can help. Our plumbers are the best in the business, and they use powerful equipment to remove even the most stubborn blockages without damaging your home or your property, from CCTV pipe inspection to drain camera inspection methods. If you have a blocked drain and need a helping hand.


Melbourne Blocked Drain FAQs

The cost of unblocking a drain varies depending on the type and scale of the job, but you’ll likely pay anywhere between $150 and $5,000 for the service. Unblocking a drain may be as simple as pouring a few specialised products down the plughole or it may require a full excavation, which could take days.

By the time most people realise their drain is blocked, the situation has turned urgent with overflowing toilets and clogged sinks. Blocked drains are not always cause for panic, but they’re certainly a hassle that needs quick repairs. If you notice your sink is slow to drain or your shower fills up around your feet, contact us before it gets worse.

If your blocked drain was caused by peril, like natural storms or plant growth, repairing it may be covered by your home insurance. However, home insurance policies don’t tend to cover blocked drains that occur from general wear-and-tear.

Hydrochloric acid can be used to effectively clear drains, but it’s a very corrosive and dangerous liquid that should be handled by a professional. Its powerful acidity dissolves blockages and frees your drain space from stubborn clogs.

Clearing a blocked drain can be a matter of minutes, or it can be a week-long project. Depending on the root cause of the blockage, it may be solved in 30 minutes with some drain unblocker or it could require a team working days to replace old piping.

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