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Plungers are a Useful Plumbing Tool

A plunger is one of the most useful tools that a plumber has in their tool kit, and they can be very useful for you at home. Instead of paying for a plumber to come and unblock your drains, sinks and toilets, this is something that you can easily do at home.

Before using a plunger you should put goggles on and use ear protection too. This is particularly important if you have been using a cleaning agent like bleach in the sink previously because this will burn your eyes and skin.

Ensure that the base of the plunger is properly covered in water and then repeatedly pump down on the plunger.

The pressure created by this movement pushes down on the blockage and will begin to dislodge the debris. As you relax the water will also be sucked upwards and this will pull on the debris. After a few pumps the sink should be clear.

Once the blockage is clear you should then cleanse the piping. Use baking soda first and follow this with vinegar. These two household products will dislodge the sediment in your pipes without causing any damage to the seals in your plumbing system.


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