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Maintaining Your Home’s Plumbing

An important part of owning a home is ensuring that the plumbing is well maintained and in good working order. This may sometimes require that you call a plumber out, but it is essential that you take precautions to maintain your systems nonetheless.

  • Never pay for plumbing work until it has been properly completed and the problem has been solved. This will save you from not being satisfied with the work.
  • Pour warm water from waist level into a clogged toilet. This will usually clear the clog because the pressure will dislodge the blockage.
  • Anchor any pipes that creak or clatter to stop them from making this noise. The noise is simply caused by movement, but preventing this is important to stop a future split from occurring.
  • Never pour oils or fats down the sink because they will clog your pipes. These liquids should be disposed of in the garden or the bin.
  • Put food colouring into the tank of your toilet so that you can see if any liquid is leaking into the bowl. Even a small leak can cost you a great deal on a metre.
  • Know where the stop valve is in your house. Without this knowledge you will be unable to stop the water in an emergency.


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