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Plumbing Tips for Your Pipes

Keeping your pipes clear and running smoothly is essential in maintaining the quality of your plumbing system.

Follow these simple steps to keep your pipes running smoothly.

  • Be sure to read up on how to use tools and how to make repairs effectively before you attempt them. A mistake can wind up being more expensive to fix than the initial problem would have been if you are not careful.
  • Use water softener in your system if you notice orange discolorations around the taps. A high level of iron usually causes this and water softener will help to relieve this issue.
  • If your water has too much iron and magnesium content it will begin to come out of the taps as a murky black colour. This is another sign that you should be using a water softener.
  • Regularly check the pilot light on your gas water heater. The flame should be on and it should be blue. If the flame is off or is yellow then you may have a safety issue.


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