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Common Plumbing Mistakes

There have probably been times when you decided to embark on a home improvement project and got a bit caught up in the moment, only to discover that you didn’t actually know what you were doing and can’t fix the problem yourself.

This situation can become very serious when it comes to plumbing. Some common issues that occur are:

Puncturing a plumbing pipe with a nail

Using nails that are too long or hammering them in the wrong place can easily puncture a pipe in your wall. Always find out what is behind a wall before you install a shelf, hang a picture, or do repair work. Only use nails that are just long enough for what you need.

Pouring grease down a drain

Pouring grease down a drain will leave bits of fatty residue in your pipes, which will build up over time and eventually lead to a blockage. Discard grease in the garbage, not down your drains.

Using too much drain cleaner

Commercial drain cleaner is extremely corrosive, and using too much can eat through your pipes. Try the greener options that are less corrosive, and only use as directed.


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