Understanding the Basics of Water Pressure Tanks

Homes that rely on a water well often use water pressure tanks to supply their water. The purpose of the water pressure tank is to transport the water to the house by using pressure mechanisms.

There are two major types of water pressure tanks: the traditional water pressure tank and newer versions. The traditional type will leave some space for air at the top, while newer versions often include a rubber bladder to create pressure.

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The pumps are usually activated when the pressure switch senses the water level inside the tank – which is used to store water from the well – is low. When a tap inside the home is switch on, the water exits the tank and makes its way to the tap. The tank will start pumping water out of the well to refill itself.

Common problems associated with water pressure tanks include overrunning the pump or waterlogging. Both cases need professional attention from a plumber or water pressure tank professional.