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Installing a Septic Tank

Septic tanks are used as part of a miniature-scale sewage system for homes and buildings that do not have a direct connection to sewer lines in the local area. These are typically farms or rural properties.

The installation of a septic tank will require construction expertise. The owner of the property will need to have permits from local authorities, and you must follow any guidelines that apply in the local area. Guidelines can be ascertained by contacting the local council. The council may ask to inspect the soil on the property before approval.

The process will usually start with digging a space in the ground with a backhoe or some other specialist equipment. The ground may need to be levelled with sand before the tank is placed into the pit. Once the tank is in place, connect it to the plumbing system and seal the pipes.

Once the septic tank has been installed, the council may request a second inspection. The owner can then fill up the empty spacing around the tank, usually with mud.

Keep in mind that it is best to have experienced individuals undertake any septic tank installation work, and that you should have a licensed plumber make an inspection before sealing the pipes.


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