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Tools for Plumbing Tasks

For basic plumbing tasks there are actually very few tools that you will need, and many of them will be found in the cupboards of your home.

Here we look at the simple tools you need to fix some plumbing issues at home.

  • Creaking and clanking pipes are a sign that your pipes have come free from their anchor points. By using a simple tool such as adhesive electrical tape you can fix this. Simply anchor the pipes to the hangers.
  • Blocked drains can be unblocked with a plunger. This is very easy to achieve and will save you a great deal compared to calling a plumber out.
  • Clearing drains does not require cleaning products and the bleach in these can actually damage the seals in the pipe. Instead you should use baking soda and follow this with vinegar to dislodge the sediment in your pipes.
  • To clean a garbage disposal you can simply process some dish soap, lemon rinds and cherry pits. This will clear the system out and stop it from smelling bad too.
  • Use water softener to deal with pink stains that are left by water with a high iron content.


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