Preventing Plumbing Nightmares

There are few things – other than natural disasters – that will cause more damage to a home than a burst water pipe. Avoiding this unhappy occurrence relies on basic everyday maintenance.

Follow these steps to avoid plumbing nightmares at home.

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  • If your pipes are making clanking and creaking noises, then it’s most likely that they are moving when the water begins to flow and the pressure increases. In order to prevent this movement, which could cause the pipes to split, anchor them securely to wall hangers.
  • Use strainers over the plugholes to catch unwanted items before they go down the drain. Food particles and hair can clog pipes and lead to blockages otherwise.
  • Regularly clean out your pipes to battle the sediment that builds up. This should be done twice a year.
  • If you notice any pink or orange stains around the base of your bathroom fixtures, it means that the iron level in your water is too high. Use a water softener to combat this issue.