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Plumbing Tips Everyone Should Know

Plumbing maintenance is not hard if you know the basics of what you need to do.

Learning these basic tips can help to keep your plumbing in order, and can help if you do need to get a professional plumber out to help with anything.

  • Get your septic tank cleared out once every 5 years. This can prevent a backup from occurring.
  • Avoid any bleach-based products. They are dangerous and can also damage the rubber seals in your plumbing.
  • Put a strainer over each of your drains to catch debris before it goes into your pipes. This will reduce the chance of blockages.
  • Pour baking soda and vinegar down your drains to unclog the pipes and remove any build up.
  • Try using a plunger to unblock drains before using any chemicals.
  • Regularly check all of the pipes in your home for any damage. Doing so will enable you to prevent emergencies from occurring.
  • Never pay for a job until it is completed. This will enable you to ensure that the job has been done properly and will stop you from not getting your money’s worth.

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