Improve your Health by Improving your Home

Health experts have begun to invoke the words of Florence Nightingale: “The connection between health and the dwelling of the population is one of the most important that exists.”

Improving your living conditions is reported to improve your personal health.

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Several easy steps can put you on the road to health, according to Jan Baggarly, Bibb County Extension Coordinator.

First, reducing the humidity in your home can prevent the formation of mould and bacteria that thrive in moist conditions. Cleaning up spills and clutter also prevents mould and bacteria from cropping up, which is important as these will reduce the air quality of your home and lead to lasting health problems.

Sealing cracks and other openings can also prevent outdoor pollutants from infiltrating your home. Pests and other parasites can be deterred with a strong seal around windows, doors, and floorboards.

Finally, remove any potential hazardous materials from your home’s interior. Chemicals are more potent indoors due to poor air circulation in comparison to exterior areas.