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Communities take Action against Adverse Weather

Different locations all around the world have suffered from repeated rainstorms and unseasonal weather in the past year. This unusual weather pattern had triggered widespread flooding and landslides in numerous communities, and has caused injuries, impacted local businesses and racked up a high toll in property damages.

Nevertheless, local communities are taking action to prevent future damage.

One such effort is the Upper Valley Adaptation Workgroup. A collaborative enterprise between New Hampshire and Vermont officials, the initiative brings together numerous experts and scientists to ascertain how changing weather patterns might impact residents.

Although this effort is in its’ infancy, it is laying the groundwork for future collaborative efforts. A conference ‘Local Solutions: Northeast Conference on Climate Change Preparedness,’ sponsored by Antioch University New England and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is one such program that looks to the future for solutions.

Area residents have expressed their approval, and are looking forward to the potential outcomes these programs are expected to generate.


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