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How to Save Money when doing the Laundry

Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that just a few changes can allow them to save on energy and utility costs. The laundry is one of the areas where householders can save money, and these are some strategies to save more money almost immediately.

  • Run full loads – Running small loads of laundry is a waste of water and energy, so wherever possible run the machine with a full load. This reduces how often a load needs to be run as well as hot water wastage. If a half-load or small load must be run, adjust water and detergent levels accordingly.
  • Lower the water temperature – Always wash with cold or warm water, and never with hot water unless it is absolutely necessary. Rinsing should always be done with cold water, as the rinse stage has no impact on the cleanliness of the load.
  • Dry naturally – Where possible let your washing dry naturally instead of using a dryer. Householders who prefer to use dryers should buy a machine that comes with an electronic sensor. These machines switch off automatically when clothes are dry.
  • Clean the lint filter – A clean lint filter means a more efficient washing machine. In addition, check hose and air vents for any sign of clogging.

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