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Reasons to Use Water Heater Timers

Using a water heater timer can cut energy costs by reducing unnecessary heating expenditure. Here is a quick overview on using water heater timers and understanding how they work.

The standard water heater is switched on and working all the time. In the average home, hot water heating accounts for as much as 18% of all energy used. This means that it is the second largest consumer of energy in the home.

Water heater timers

Water heater timers can be programmed to switch water heaters on or off. The timer works by switching the heater on during specified hours. This means homeowners can have the system heat up water only when they require it.

It is good practice to set the timer to work during off-peak times, or when energy is cheaper. Householders who want to save even more can fit their hot-water usage around these hours.

Insulating the water heater is another way to save more on energy bills, as the insulation will help the hot water maintain its temperature for longer when the heater is switched off.

Conducting basic maintenance measures such as flushing out the heater every six months or so can extend the life of the heater and improve its efficiency.

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