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Essential Plumbing Tips for Landlords

Landlords will often find that basic plumbing skills can help them in their role, whether the problem is a leaky tap, a blocked toilet or a water pressure problem.

Repairing leaky taps

Leaky taps can usually be repaired by replacing a washer or with a simple tightening of the tap at the base. If the faucet keeps leaking, a new tap may be required.

Unclogging toilets

A plunger will usually be sufficient for unclogging a blocked toilet. However, sometimes the use of a drain snake may be necessary. In more serious cases, seek the advice of a plumber for regular maintenance and emergency jobs.

Shutting off the water

The landlord should always know where the water shut-off valve is situated on the property. Where there are burst pipes and water leak emergencies, the landlord can quickly shut the mains off to reduce damage, or at least instruct the tenant on how to shut off the water.

Water pressure issues

Low water pressure may in fact be a clogged shower head or tap, so try cleaning these out with vinegar. Test with a water pressure gauge to identify whether there is truly a water pressure issue. If so, contact a plumber for advice.


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