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Water Heaters in Commercial Locations

A water heater is one household appliance that we use every day, usually without even thinking about it. The only time we do think about it is when we turn on the hot water and nothing but cold water comes out.

Now imagine if you are running a commercial business, like a restaurant or office building, and your water heater bites the dust. That would be a huge problem!

Here are some questions to ask yourself to ensure you avoid water heater problems in your commercial business:

  • Which pieces of equipment have become difficult or expensive to keep running? If you find that one piece requires constant maintenance, it needs to be replaced.
  • Which piece of equipment is the oldest? The oldest items are often the first to break down, and will cost you the most.
  • Which item of equipment is the most likely to break down? If you have a suspicion that one of your pieces of equipment is about to break down, you’re probably right. So replace it ASAP.
  • What piece of equipment is costing you the most? In the long run, replacing an appliance that needs constant repair will not cost you more than continuing to fix the item.


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