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Detecting Small Plumbing Problems Early

Small leaks can turn into major problems very quickly, which is why householders should make an effort to identify and fix these apparently minor problems before they worsen.

Whether it is a broken tap, a wet spot in the ceiling or a drip from the sink, these minor problems could escalate into bigger problems that may require expensive repairs.

A wet and leaking ceiling or wall, for example, can lead to drywall damage, This usually means that the water has reached the sheetrock. Wet walls can also develop mould, a potential health issue that can also lead to expensive repair work.

Minor issues such as a leaking sink can also be the start of a bigger problem if appropriate corrective measures are not taken. For example, the householder may simply stand a bowl to catch dripping water from the sink. The bowl could overflow and cause damage in the floor of the house.

For these reasons, it is crucial that householders take action quickly and immediately rather than letting small problems turn into major ones.


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