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Avoiding a Vacation Plumbing Nightmare

When you leave your house for two weeks there is the possibility that you could return to a nightmare. Even just a small problem with your plumbing can potentially cause a disaster in your home over this period.

Be sure to complete this checklist before you go away to avoid a vacation nightmare.

  • Inspect the entirety of your plumbing system enough time before your trip to fix any problems you may find.
  • Turn off all of the hoses and empty them so water is not sitting in the pipes for weeks.
  • Check the hot water unit for any leaks. Turn it down, but don’t turn it off completely in the winter.
  • If no one needs to get into your home whilst you are away then you can turn off the shut-off valve. This will stop any water from escaping within your home.
  • Take the time to clean out your drains and gutters before you go away. This will stop any flooding in the event of heavy rainfall.
  • Ask a friend to check in on your home twice a week. This will at least enable you to realise if there is a serious problem before the damage becomes too great.


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