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Caring for Serious Plumbing Problems

When you live in an older home with plumbing issues some signs that there is a problem can begin to seem normal because you get used to them.

Here are some signs that you have a serious plumbing problem and some solutions to help you fix them.

  • Pipes that creak when you turn on the taps or run hot water through them is a sign that your pipes are expanding and moving. You can solve this by improving the adhesive connections between pipe and hanger, but if the problem persists then you should call a plumber.
  • Smells that come from your basement, drains or sink can be a sign that you have rotting matter stuck in your pipes. This will cause serious problems and can even be dangerous if you do not deal with them. Using drain cleaner will deal with this issue and make your plumbing far more pleasant.
  • Hot water problems can be a sign that you have sediment build up in your heater. Draining it, refilling it and draining it again will flush the majority of the sediment out. This should make your hot water more consistent and solve the problem.


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