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An Insider’s Guide to Handling Any Plumbing Situation

Plumbing systems require the attention of a licensed plumber from time to time, but ongoing DIY maintenance is vital for catching minor problems and issues. Householders can use these practical tips to address small problems and conduct maintenance on their plumbing system.

Water mains

Residents and property owners should know where their water mains switch is located so that the water supply can be quickly switched off during emergencies. It is also important to know where the water mains is located when undertaking basic repairs and maintenance, as the water supply should be turned off during this process.

Anchoring pipes

Poorly anchored pipes can be noisy, so homeowners should learn the basics of anchoring pipes, or at least know how to identify poorly anchored pipes. Residents who do not know how to secure pipes properly to anchors should contact a licensed plumber for advice.


Clean out overflow holes in sinks on a regular basis to reduce the risk of spillage and other water problems in the home. Tap aerators and screens should also be cleaned on a regular basis.


In many cases, leaky pipes can be fixed by tightening joints, repairing damaged sections or checking and fixing holes.

Avoid chemical drain cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners should be avoided as a general rule. These products usually contain chemicals that can corrode and damage pipes after a consistent period of use. Try using non-chemical methods such as plungers or augers to unclog pipes, or seek professional assistance from a plumber.

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