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Plumbing to Save Money

Plumbing breakdowns are expensive, but taking steps to maintain your system will save you money in the long run. General maintenance prevents breakdowns and different installations can make usage more efficient.

Follow these steps from Propagandistic to save money on your plumbing.

Install more efficient fittings

Installing a more efficient showerhead will mean that you waste less warm water. For each bath head and showerhead that you replace with a more efficient model, there could be an annual saving of up to $100.

Replace your boiler

An inefficient boiler could be wasting a huge amount of your household’s money by heating inefficiently and failing to retain the heat. Replacing your boiler is one of the best ways to reduce the cost of plumbing in your home.

Maintain your pipes

Maintaining your pipes and looking out for signs of wear is important in preventing serious problems. At the end of each season you should check all of the pipes and fittings to ensure there are no leaks. Remember that a small leak can cause thousands of dollars in damages if it is left untended.

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