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Having over 30+ years of combined experience diagnosing and solving plumbing problems Melbourne wide, we believe that with a great deal of knowledge, a little bit of common sense and a great deal of passion we can solve virtually any plumbing problem for our residential and light commercial clients.

We just had a call from a great customer who wants us to come out and quote replacing a new storm water line.  The insurance company sent out their plumber who proceeded to put the electric eel into the drain and tell them “it’s buggered”.When explaining their issue to Darryl, he straight away noticed something didn’t sound right.

Diagnosing plumbing & gas issues in your home is very similar to how a great doctor conducts his diagnosis.

We look at your house holistically and identify where the issue is and how long it’s been happening for to enable us to give you the right diagnosis to rectify the issue. We ask lots of questions and listen for clues.

Recently we attended a job for a Body Corporate to quote works for a diagnosis made by a previous plumber.  Upon a quick visual inspection of the property it appeared that the works to be quoted was not going to solve the problem.

The quote was to catch the water pooling at the bottom of a property.

How about this.  Let’s see where the water is coming from first, and solve that problem – rather than the band-aid solution of catching it at the bottom.  Kind of like taking panadol for a brain tumor.  The tumor is there, it hurts just like a headache, but it’s a tumor. Fix it.

Finding the problem first is paramount to providing a long term solution.

Conduct thorough investigations first, to come up with the best long term, economical solution.

After all, you would be very skeptical, disappointed and extremely angry if you went to your doctor and after a few minor tests such as taking your temperature, listening to your heart rate and taking your blood pressure, the doctor diagnosed you with a terminal illness.

Just like you expect your doctor to be licensed, competent, knowledgeable and have the relevant experience – you want your plumber to be the same.

So don’t call just any plumber. Call the plumbing maintenance EXPERTS – Service Experts.

We have built our reputation on solving the tricky problems.

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