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Lightning Strikes still a Major Concern

Although the frequency of lightning related deaths have decreased over the last few decades, they still remain a major contributor to storm-related fatalities. With the summer season in full swing, safety experts are cautioning people to observe some basic precautions when the thunderstorms roll in.

Should you be engaged in any outdoor activity and lightning is reported in your area, take a break and allow the storm to pass. People should also unplug any and all electronics should a thunderstorm be forecasted.

If there is an electrical storm, take care to avoid any plumbing fixtures or exposed pipes, and refrain from having a shower or washing the dishes. This is important because the plumbing can act as a conductor for lightning, and you could still be electrocuted when inside a building.

Experts have developed the 30/30 rule for judging the danger of lightning. If 30 seconds or less elapses between a lightning strike and the rumble of thunder, the storm has the potential to strike you. If this is the case, seek shelter away from tall trees and other high structures, or remain indoors.

While most victims of lightning strikes survive, persisting conditions can linger and impede an otherwise healthy life. Observe these safety tips in order to minimise your risk.


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