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How to Solve 4 of the Most Common Plumbing Problems

Most homeowners will deal with plumbing problems at some stage. Plumbing problems can happen in new and old homes, but the most common areas of the home for plumbing problems are the toilets and kitchens.

These instructions from Ottoman Historians will assist householders with fixing four of the most common plumbing problems

  • Noisy pipes are one of the most common issues in the home, and they are usually resolved by fixing or installing pipe anchoring. In some cases the problem can be more complicated, so contact a plumber if fixing the anchors does not solve the problem.
  • Clogged toilets are another common issue in homes. Use a plunger or auger to unblock the toilet, and repeat if necessary. If this does not resolve the blockage, it might be necessary to use chemicals or to contact a plumber for advice.
  • Regular maintenance through cleaning is important for garbage disposal systems in kitchen sinks. These systems allow householders to wash away food debris without worrying about clogging up pipes, but the systems need to be maintained to ensure that food scraps are indeed being ground up properly.
  • Water draining back into dishwashers is another relatively common plumbing problem in the home. Usually this is caused by the dishwasher drain hose not being installed properly. The hose should flow downhill from the dishwasher to ensure that it cannot drain back into the machine.

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