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How To Choose The Right Plumber


Bless the internet.

You can find almost anything, at any time, any where, for any price.

Lately I have been trialling an online service.  Our business is listed as a plumbing service provide.  Consumers go online and post jobs they have.

I thought that, considering our organic search rankings has taken an extended vacation to Timbuktoo, I would give this service a go. My gut said no, but my head said go.

I responded to each enquiry, called customers personally and dispatched a plumber out to help them.

What a waste of time.  All these customers were after was a dirt cheap price. Service or quality were not priority.

Should have listened to my gut.

The same can be said when choosing a plumber. Choose a service that feels right. Here are my 3 hot tips on how to choose the right one.

1. Recommendations, word of mouth.

Ask friends and family who they use. They will always be honest with you and only pass on a companies name and number if they had a good experience.

2. Is there a face behind the name?

Calling the first company name that appears in a Google search is all well and good, but who are you dealing with? Who is the face that stands behind the name?  If the website says “we are a family owned and operated business” it would be great to see a picture of who they are.  CAUTION: stock images do not count!

3. What GUARANTEES do they give? 

One of our core values are Authentic.  We asked our team what that meant to them.  Words they used to describe what authentic meant to them were: genuine, real, from the heart.  Our guarantees mean something.  Our word is everything.

We have grown our team yet our roots remain the same. We pride ourselves on being a small company and being authentic matters to us. After all, we take it personally – all of it.

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