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Finding a Reliable Plumber

Most people do not have a reliable plumber that they are ready to contact because they do not need plumbing services immediately. However, when an emergency plumbing issue arises this puts them in a difficult situation. In an emergency you will need to settle for the first person you can get and this will likely lead to larger bills.

It is important to find a reliable plumber before you need one to ensure that you have a plumber at the ready in an emergency.

  • Research the plumber and find out about their reputation, where they are located and when they will be available to be called out.
  • Check that the plumber is licensed to carry out work on the plumbing systems that you have installed. If they are unable to deal with gas boilers then they will be of little use if there is a gas leakage from your water heater.
  • Check that the company has insurance for their employees and contractors so that you are protected if an injury should occur.
  • Check the contract is agreeable before signing anything.
  • Follow up on the references of previous customers to ensure that they are truthfully representing their services. It will be worth making the effort to do so if they turn out to be fabricated.


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