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Commonly Used Plumbing Tips

Maintaining a good plumbing system will save you a great deal of money in the long run. These are some tips that everyone should follow.

Prevention is the best solution

Preventing problems before they occur is the best way to solve plumbing issues. A leak can cost you thousands of dollars, but preventing it will cost you much less over the years.

Clean your septic tank

Cleaning your septic tank out once every five years is important. This will prevent sediment from building up and causing a backup.

Battle drain clogging

Battling drain clogs can be a tough battle. Treating the water to remove the iron and calcium can help, as can using drain strainers to catch food particles before they go down the sink. You should also regularly use vinegar and baking soda to clear your drains.

Be careful what you flush

You should not flush anything more than toilet paper down the toilet. Larger items like sanitary towels will break down and clog your toilet, so ensure that you always dispose of them in the rubbish.

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