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How To Change A Tap Washer

Darryl Simon from Service Experts shows you a simple and easy way to change a simple tap washer in a shower. He demonstrates in a shower with two standard taps, hot and cold.

Step 1: Turn off water at mains (to see how to do this watch our other video)

Step 2: Remove hot and cold flanges
watch at 0.27 to view hot to remove the flanges

Step 3: Remove spindle in wall with a tube spanner
watch at 1.17 to view how to remove the spindle

Step 4: Check inside seat to see if any leftover rubber in wall
watch at 2:04 on how to do this

Step 5: Install new tap washer on spindle
watch at 2:22

Step 6: Turn on water supply at mains to check for leaks

Step 7: Silicone holes and replace flanges and handles

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