Tips for Hot Water Maintenance

Hot water maintenance will help to reduce household costs and prevent the deterioration of your boiler. Follow these tips to maintain your water heater properly.

  • Use an insulating cover to help the boiler to maintain heat. This will reduce the costs of heating the water and save a great deal on your energy bill.
  • Examine the pipes leading in and out of the boiler regularly. Look for any signs of damage or corrosion. Be careful not to touch the pipes when they are hot, however.

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  • Inspect the pressure relief valve when the boiler is both hot and cold to check that it is working correctly.
  • Check the boiler for any signs of leaking on a regular basis. You should also treat the floor beneath it so that any leaks do not cause extensive damage before you rectify them.
  • Set the heater to the appropriate level for the number of people in the home. Heating more water than you need is costly and wasteful when you can use a lesser amount.