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Signs of Water Heater Problems

Water heaters are key to our lifestyles, but they do not always work properly. There are numerous signs that will appear when your water heater is not working properly.

Heating troubles

The first sign is if the water is heating slower than usual or failing to heat at all. Regularly measuring the time it takes your water to heat up will enable you to notice problems early on before they get worse.


If there is an odour coming from the heater then you have a problem. This is usually caused by sediment and needs to be dealt with quickly before permanent damage occurs.


If your heater increases in volume then it is likely that parts have come loose. It can also be a sign of leaks. Get this checked out promptly.

Coloured Water

Coloured water is another sign of sediment. This could be a build up in the pipes or the heater, but you will need to get it treated either way.

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