Inexpensive Homemade Cleaners

Store-bought cleaners are expensive, and there are plenty of cleaners you can make at home for much less.

Window cleaner

One of the best ways to clean a window is to use a wet newspaper. Crush it up into a loose ball and wipe it over the dirt on the window. After that, wipe off the loose dirt with a dry newspaper.

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Floor or wall cleaner

Mix together two litres of hot water and one-quarter cup of borax. This will safely and effectively clean floors and walls without damaging the paint or wood.

Grout cleaner for tiles

Make a smooth paste using one cup of warm water and three cups of baking soda. This mixture will also clean sinks and tubs if you add a bit of liquid soap.

Limescale remover

To remove limescale from shower heads, kettles and coffee carafes, mix together water and white vinegar in a 90:10 ratio. For a shower head, put this mixture into a suitable container and set the shower head inside. Otherwise, pour the mixture into the kettle or carafe and let it sit overnight. Rinse thoroughly before use.