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Hot Water Emergency

24HourServiceWe were called out to a plumbing emergency in South Melbourne overnight. The owner reported no hot water.

Upon our arrival we noticed that their existing hot water unit had burst and required replacement.

We isolated the cold water and gas to the unit so our customer could still use cold water overnight.

We recommended installing a 5 star gas external hot water system in the same location as the existing unit. We altered some copper pipework to the new unit leaving the existing gas/water isolation valves in position.

We did recommended changing these valves to the customer, however he did not want to go ahead with installing new valves.

We adjusted the PTR (Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve designed to relieve the increase in pressure caused by water expansion during the normal heating cycle) so that it is visible if there is any leakage.

We conducted a test on the gas line for safety and re-lit appliances.

The new hot water unit was filled up and flushed through. The gas was turned on and the new hot water unit was tested and commissioned. We removed the old unit, pack up and cleaned area.

The customer was grateful to have hot water back on and for our prompt service.

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