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Gas Leak Dangers

WarningWe were called out to a property in Hampton recently. There was a very strong gas smell coming from the property.

Upon inspecting the property a huge gas leak was found in the copper gas line under the house.  The hole was so big our plumber could put his finger right into it to stop the leak.

This was an extremely dangerous situation as it would have only taken one little spark to set off a huge explosion that could have been fatal.

Luckily we got the problem fixed quickly and the gas line was safe again.

Here are our top 3 tips when it comes to gas leaks.


1. Call a licensed gas plumber ASAP.

It is against the law for any person without a plumbing license to conduct works on gas. Safety is paramount when working with gas.

2. Do NOT attempt DIY.

This is one area you must leave to the experts.  You will be able to find advice on how to conduct soapy bubble test etc online, but seriously – gas should be left to the professionals. Call one.

3. Do not wait. If you smell gas. Call a plumber.

Any slight smell of gas in your home or business could mean that you have a gas leak. Check all appliances to ensure they are fully turned off first. If you still smell gas, call a plumber straight away.

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