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Everyday Household Items that Clog Pipes

Not many homeowners are aware of it, but there are certain household items that can cause blockage and should not be sent down the drain. Removing these everyday items can help householders save a considerable amount of hassles with plumbing issues.

Garbage disposal unit

The garbage disposal unit should never be used to grind up certain items. Pasta, which expands in the water, is one of these. Bones are another item to avoid sending down the unit. Vegetable and fruit peels are also more suitable for the rubbish bin than the garbage disposal unit.

Toilet paper

Thick toilet paper can clog up the pipes in the toilet, so try to use a toilet paper that is not necessarily scratchy or thin, but that isn’t very thick.


Hair should be kept out of drains and pipes by using a drain filter to catch hair in the shower and sink.

Bath salts

Bath salts can lead to greasy  build-up and blocked pipes, so avoid using these too often.


The dryer and washing machine are key areas for lint build-up, so use lint catchers in washing machines to catch flyaway lint.


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