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Dealing with a Drain Blockage

The drain blockage is an inconvenience that most householders will face at some point in time. This article outlines some of the best ways to deal with a drain blockage, along with some of the things to avoid doing when faced with a blocked drain.

Contacting the local council

Property owners should be aware that sometimes the drain blockage can be the council’s responsibility. This is true if the blockage results from the sewage or council-owned drains and pipes that have backed up into the resident’s drainage system.

However, if the blockage is within the householder’s property then the householder is responsible for repairs and costs, which may be covered by home insurance.

Dealing with a blocked drain

In most cases, a quick unblocking with a plunger will remedy the situation. However, if the block is more serious, the householder may need to use an auger, a snake or other tools to manually unblock the drain.

Fatty deposits, nappies, wipes and other non-flushable items can create serious blockages that may need the attention of a professional. If the problem persists or if the householder is not confident with using an auger, contact a professional plumber immediately for help.

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