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Cleaning a Washing Machine

A regular cleaning program for washing machines can kill germs, eliminate odours and prevent limescale building up in the machine.

Detergent Drawer

The detergent drawer is a good place to start. Use a toothbrush and a domestic cleaning solution to remove mould and old washing powder.


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to empty and clean out the germs, fluff and dirt that can accumulate in the filter.


The drum of the machine is another spot where germs can quickly accumulate. Keep it clean by running an empty load with hot water and soda crystals or dishwasher tablets every two months.


Keep the door of the machine open whenever not in use and particular after a wash. This allows fresh air to circulate inside the drum.

Detergent and Products

Choosing the right detergent can reduce germ and grime build-up in the machine. Powder is often better than liquid, and products such as liquid softeners can leave a residue that contributes to poor odour and the growth of mould.


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