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Choosing the Right Freestanding Bathtub

Bathtubs are now luxurious additions to the bathroom. From time to time it may be necessary to update your bathtub. Choose the right tub by considering design, materials, and cost.

Before settling on a bathtub, it is important that you check with a structural engineer or builder to see if the bathroom floor can support the new bathtub.


Acrylic is a popular option for bathtubs, as this material is lightweight. However, cheaper acrylic bathtubs may be more likely to creak and less tolerant of heat. Choose tubs with insulation and reinforced construction.

Cast iron is another option to consider. These are durable but very heavy. Resin and stone composite are strong but lighter than cast iron. They are usually available in traditional or modern designs.


Freestanding bathtubs will tend to be larger than standard baths. Double check the capacity of the bathtub before deciding on a model. If the bathtub comes with taps, check flow rates.


Freestanding tubs usually need to have wall or floor-mounted taps, as these tubs rarely include a space around the rim for taps. Householders will usually need to buy their own plugs as well, as plugs are not normally included with bathtubs.


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