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Checklist for Home Plumbing Maintenance

Instead of waiting for your plumbing system to fail or become blocked, it is far better to take small steps to maintain it throughout the year. This will cost you far less and prevent any more serious issues like leakages from extending the impact of the damage.

Clean your drains

Hair and food particles will clog your drains no matter how careful you are. To keep the pipes clear, use baking soda, vinegar and boiling water. This solution will dislodge particles and clear your drains out.

Repair leaking taps

Leaking taps will cost you money by dripping away and adding digits to your water metre. They can also cause far more significant damage as the leaked water seeps into your foundations or down your walls.

Clean Hair Traps

The hair traps in your shower need to be cleaned out because otherwise they are a breeding ground for mould. The hair will catch soap residue and general shower gunk that will breed bacteria. This can then spread around the shower and cause more significant issues.


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