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Be Hydrated, Not DeHydrated

Dehydration is a growing concern for Australian residents. People aren’t drinking enough water to properly hydrate their bodies which is causing a lack of energy and a general decline in health. Drinking 8 glasses of clean water a day is a must. Most Australians aren’t drinking more than 4. The reason: there are too many alternatives.

Media campaigns and advertising has ensured that this generation has been brought up on soft drinks and caffeine. In general, a person who feels thirsty goes for a can of Pepsi rather than a glass of water. The general public perception is that as long as it is a beverage, it will quench the thirst. Well, this is not true. Soft drinks and coffee leave the body more dehydrated than it was before. Yet, more and more people consume these on a daily basis. The result: 85% of Australians are dehydrated on a daily basis.

A recent study has shown that the preference for drinking water is decreasing in people. A basic lack of awareness about water has resulted in people preferring sodas and caffeine themed drinks. Water is an essential part of the body. More than 70% of the body is made up of water. You can survive without eating for a month. Try living a week without drinking water. You won’t be alive at the end of it!

The irony here is that people actually pay for these drinks which are causing more thirst rather than satisfying it. The other glamorous alternative is mineral water. The popularity of bottled water is growing by the day as people prefer it to tap water. Mineral water is expensive and the plastic bottles are harmful for the environment.

The best option Melbourne residents have is to get a water filter. There are many Melbourne plumbing companies that advocate having a water filtration system rather than going for mineral water. All you need to pay is the one time cost of water filter installation. General maintenance from time to time will ensure that the system provides clean drinking water for years to come.

A water filter system is a cost effective and environment friendly option in addition to making sure that your health doesn’t suffer due to a lack of hydration. Call Service Expertsand have a reliable Melbourne plumber come in and install a water filter right away.

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