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7 Reasons to Choose Hydronic Heating

ColourfulUggBootsDreary and cold — two things you don’t want to be when winter comes and you’re supposed to get comfortable. Seriously. It’s not fun to feel the icy chill of the weather indoors. So how do you stay warm during a cold Melbourne winter?

Non-stop drinking of whisky and other spirited drinks? Constant movement, perhaps breaking out with Zumba moves when temperatures dip? Or do you simply pile on so many layers of thermal wear that you look as though you’re competing for a Guinness World Record?

While your strategies for getting warm during winter sounds like madcap fun, there is another, much saner way to get nice and comfortable indoors. It doesn’t just heat space; it can also make hot water. Melbourne residents can get homes heated properly with hydronic heating. No drinking necessary (unless you want to). No dancing required (unless there’s good music). And no extra clothing needed.

Here are seven great reasons to replace your existing system or have one installed today:

1. Hydronic heating is one of the more efficient heating systems in the market.

This system uses gas boilers that get 95 percent efficiency ratings. It has the ability to customise heating levels so you can target specific areas and not waste the system on the entire home.

2. It’s a highly reliable heating system.

Hydronic heaters contain few moving parts. So you’re not likely to get any problems with it. But know that it has to come with quality components and it has to be installed by a professional plumber who has worked with this system. With these factors in mind, your hydronic heating system might not even need maintenance for years.

3. It’s eco-friendly.

This heating system uses water – its primary component. Water is recycled and recirculated. But you don’t have to use too much water; only minimal amounts are needed to top it up every year. Also, this system has minimal emissions.

4. It’s very attractive.

Your hydronic heater will not look like some bad industrial accessory. If you go with radiator panels, you can even choose from a line up of sleek and modern designs, for contemporary lofts, or traditional Victorian cast iron, for a vintage apartment. If you go with hydronic floor heating, the home appliance will be hidden with pipe work placed within the floor.

5. It’s easy on the pocket.

You can let your hydronic heating system run all through winter and not pay for expensive energy bills. Some systems can cost about 20 percent less to use than a ducted system.

Also, because it can heat your home and domestic water, and, with some systems, heat your pool, you basically get multiple uses out of it.

6. It’s safe and comfortable for everyone.

It doesn’t have any exposed flames or electrical connections so you don’t have to worry about the kids. It gently heats your home without creating hot spots or noise.

7. It’s healthy.

Finally, this heating system doesn’t create dry or humid environments. With minimal movement of dust or allergens, since you don’t need fans to move the warm air around, it’s safe for those with asthma and other allergies.

If you already have a hydronic heating system in your home, we can organise an experience gas technician to help keep it running in tip top working condition.  Just call us on 1300 390 045 and we can organise this for you now.

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