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Avoid A Major Flood

It’s a really common problem and one that can be solved very simply and easily.

Identifying issues in your home to help you avoid any potential plumbing issues can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars and unwanted headaches.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to identify what a “flexi” is and how to identify if it is about to burst and flood your home.

We once attended a flat (unattended) with a locksmith and policeman because a neighbour had notified someone that there was water pouring through their ceiling.

The cause was a burst “flexi” in the upstairs apartment. The occupant had gone away and the “flexi” connecting the kitchen sink tap to the water supply had burst.

The flooding cause major internal damage to the apartment, damage to the corridor and damage to the unit located below.

Bring on the insurance nightmare…..imagine the damage to your furniture, carpet, floorboards, walls, treasured belongings!

And it is so simple to avoid.

Please check your “flexi’s” this weekend. If you see brown spots or fraying, please please call a Melbourne Plumber to come and help you replace them. Your plumber will be able to easily repair the problem and save you literally tens of thousands of dollars in damage and an unwanted insurance claim (if you even have insurance…..)

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