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Safety Tips for Water Heater Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves

A hot water system is used daily in many homes, and it requires very little maintenance. However, a basic understanding of the pressure relief valve can ready homeowners for any potential problems.

The valve

The temperature and pressure relief valve is one of the most important elements in any water heater. It has a central safety-related role to play, because its function is to stop the water heater from building too much pressure.

As pressure builds, the valve is designed to open and relieve the pressure inside the water heater. If there is no valve or if the valve is not working correctly, the pressure can continue to build to dangerous levels.

Maintenance and testing

Homeowners should test the valve at least once every six months. Place a bucket under the valve and lift it. Hot water should pour out. If water does not pour out, have a professional replace the valve.

Professional advice

Water heaters without a relief valve should be updated with a new valve. Only licensed professionals should carry out this type of work.


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