Repairing and Maintaining Antique Plumbing Fixtures

Antique plumbing fixtures can bring a timeless beauty to bathrooms and other areas. However, like antique furniture, they may need special attention and regular maintenance. Some of the most common problems related to antique plumbing fixtures involve the stems, screens and the replacement of adaptors.


Take extra care with the tap stem when replacing faucet washers. Grease the interior threads of the stem to extend the working life of the faucet. Keep in mind that when the tap is leaking directly from the spout, it could be a sign that the washer may need replacing.

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However, if the tap is leaking around the window, it may be that the stem packing requires replacement, along with a fibre washer if one is in use.


It can be a challenge to find a perfect replacement for the screen on aerators for antique plumbing fixtures. Soaking the aerator in vinegar overnight and rinsing it off before reinstalling it could help.

Replacing adaptors

Check with a local plumbing supplier about replacing adaptors on water filter systems, portable dishwasher connections, watering systems and showerheads.