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DIY Plumbing Basics for Householders

The most common plumbing problems occur in the bathroom or the toilet. In many cases the issue is minor, so the householder can fix or repair the problem without professional assistance from a plumber.

These tips from Plumbers World will prove useful when the plumbing problem requires only a simple DIY repair.

Using plungers and augers

Drain and toilet plungers and augers are relatively easy to use. These tools are design to dislodge and unblock clogged piping. You should learn how to apply the plunger properly, and how to use augers to loosen and dislodge blockages from pipes.

Strainers and garbage disposal

Use strainers in sinks to catch food scraps and debris, as this will reduce the build-up in pipes. Garbage disposals should be cleaned regularly with detergent and warm water.


If water is draining into your dishwasher, then you need to check that the hoses connecting the sink pipe to the dishwasher is connected properly and isn’t leaking.

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