Never Run Out Of Hot Water Again

If you find yourself constantly running out of hot water with everyone together – it could be a great time to explore upgrading your hot water service from a tank to a continuous flow system. Storage Tank vs Continuous Flow A storage tank uses gas to constantly heat the water whereas a continuous flow (or […]

COVID-19 Plumbing & Electrical Home Safety Checklist

Drains Drains block due to various reasons. In your home you have two drainage systems running: Sewerage System – The waste that comes from your home from the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, sinks and other plumbing components. Stormwater System – Flows from rainfall. These systems are essential to the health of your home. The last thing […]

7 Reasons to Choose Hydronic Heating

Dreary and cold — two things you don’t want to be when winter comes and you’re supposed to get comfortable. Seriously. It’s not fun to feel the icy chill of the weather indoors. So how do you stay warm during a cold Melbourne winter? Non-stop drinking of whisky and other spirited drinks? Constant movement, perhaps […]

Gas Leak Dangers

We were called out to a property in Hampton recently. There was a very strong gas smell coming from the property. Upon inspecting the property a huge gas leak was found in the copper gas line under the house.  The hole was so big our plumber could put his finger right into it to stop the […]