Never Run Out Of Hot Water Again

If you find yourself constantly running out of hot water with everyone together – it could be a great time to explore upgrading your hot water service from a tank to a continuous flow system. Storage Tank vs Continuous Flow A storage tank uses gas to constantly heat the water whereas a continuous flow (or […]

COVID-19 Plumbing & Electrical Home Safety Checklist

Drains Drains block due to various reasons. In your home you have two drainage systems running: Sewerage System – The waste that comes from your home from the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, sinks and other plumbing components. Stormwater System – Flows from rainfall. These systems are essential to the health of your home. The last thing […]

Why Flushable Wipes Shouldn’t Be Flushed

All too often we attend to blocked drains that are caused by flushable wipes and last night was no exception.  Last night we were called out to an emergency blocked drain in Box Hill. Upon the service experts inspection he found the sewer drain to be blocked at the boundary trap. The service expert set up his drainage equipment […]

Burst Pipe in Bentleigh

Burst water pipes are one of the most common plumbing problems. When it happens, you’ll think that you’re somehow cursed because of the sheer amount of damage it can bring to your home. From the cost of repairing the burst pipe to the cost of refurbishing the damaged areas, a burst pipe can spell disaster. […]

What makes a plumber a Master Plumber?

We conduct thousands of jobs each year. We have been operating since 2002 and 63% of our clients are our loyal, repeat clients who appreciate great service and workmanship. So I have been pondering the question lately. What makes a plumber a “Master” plumber? Do you need to have an established business – is there a […]

How To Choose The Right Plumber

Bless the internet. You can find almost anything, at any time, any where, for any price. Lately I have been trialling an online service.  Our business is listed as a plumbing service provide.  Consumers go online and post jobs they have. I thought that, considering our organic search rankings has taken an extended vacation to […]

Plumbing Problem Solvers

Having over 30+ years of combined experience diagnosing and solving plumbing problems Melbourne wide, we believe that with a great deal of knowledge, a little bit of common sense and a great deal of passion we can solve virtually any plumbing problem for our residential and light commercial clients. We just had a call from a great customer who wants us […]

Dealing with a Drain Blockage

The drain blockage is an inconvenience that most householders will face at some point in time. This article outlines some of the best ways to deal with a drain blockage, along with some of the things to avoid doing when faced with a blocked drain. Contacting the local council Property owners should be aware that […]